Detroit Tool Metal Products to expand Heavy Guage Facility
June 15, 2011 Iron Form Admin

Detroit Tool Metal Products to expand Heavy Guage Facility

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Lebanon, Missouri, June 2011… Detroit Tool Metal Products (DTMP) has announced that they will be expanding their heavy gauge facility located at 1611 Auglaize Road. The expansion will add 35,000 square feet to the facility which will allow for additional growth at this facility.

DTMP was awarded an economic development grant from the state of Missouri along with a financial assistance award from the city of Lebanon to assist in financing this expansion. This expansion will provide a benefit to the city of Lebanon. It will provide 75-100 new jobs that will produce $3,000,000 to $4,000,000 in new local payroll. This will in turn stimulate additional purchasing in Lebanon and increase utility sales.

“This is exciting news for all of us at DTMP,” said Brad McKean, Interim President of DTMP. “It is a great way for us to expand our capabilities and continue investing in new capital equipment. This expansion will allow for future growth in current and new markets and provide a safe environment for our employees.”

According to Matt Steele, DTMP Director of Commercial Operations, “This expansion is a perfect fit for the new markets that we are attracting at DTMP. The expansion will allow us to continue to grow year over year by increasing revenues with the current customer base and enter new markets to enhance our core competencies and diversify our customer base. This diversification will reduce the effects of the economic cycles and provide a strong work place for the employee base for years to come. In summary, DTMP will be able to bring more business, more technology, and a more diverse range of jobs to the city of Lebanon.”

Detroit Tool Metal Products (DTMP) is a leader in full-service precision metal stamping, machining, welding and fabrication for a broad range of markets that include the appliance, agriculture, construction, consumer products, class 8 trucking, heavy equipment, pharmaceutical, military, nuclear, and recreational products. The company is located at
949 Bethel Road and 1611 Auglaize Road in Lebanon, MO.