Ironform Develops Multi-tiered Training Strategy
June 21, 2018 Ironform

Ironform Develops Multi-tiered Training Strategy

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Ironform has partnered with local Technical Community College’s to establish formal training
programs for existing talent and to build a pipeline of future skilled workers. The partnerships
are part of Ironform’s comprehensive portfolio of professional development and training course
offerings designed to develop the skills and competencies needed to excel in manufacturing. The
partnerships are unique in that the curriculum was developed by a planning team consisting of
expert Instructors from the Technical Colleges as well as a Core team from Ironform. Together,
new certification programs “Manufacturing Technology Certificate” were created. The
Manufacturing Technology Certificate programs are a 31 hour college credit certification
consisting of six core classes and two elective classes. The classes are held at the colleges in a
cohort fashion and are open to all students attending the college. Although the programs are
geared toward newly hired employees, all employees of Ironform are welcome to attend as
employee development is always encouraged. Ironform pays for the cost of all classes, books
and seat times for all employees in the program.
Ironform has also developed an On-Boarding Employee Training program geared at increasing
newly hired employees understanding of the measurements and blueprints they will use on the
production floor. Ironform has contracted with an instructor from the Center of Workforce
Development sector of a Technical College that provides standardized employee development
training for all Ironform facilities. New employees of Ironform will partake in three separate
training classes: measurement training; basic blueprint reading; and advanced blueprint reading.
The On-boarding Employee Training program is an important component to ensuring a supply of
trained and capable workers.
Ironform’s vision of developing a skilled workforce is making its mark on one local community.
The Lebanon Regional Economic Development Committee along with the City Administrators
Office has gathered key Manufactures in the area to participate in an open dialogue in hopes of
creating an area workforce training program centered on the Ironform certification model. The
manufacturing environment is changing dramatically as is the demand for high-skilled
manufacturing talent. This community is working together to yield the necessary impact on the
supply of well-trained workers.