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Ironform’s dedicated workforce, nearly 1,000 strong, are among the most experienced metal fabricators in North America.

Ironformers are problem solvers

We celebrate every opportunity to improve, and we cultivate leaders dedicated to effective problem-solving and constant growth. At Ironform, leadership means going hands-on, taking responsibility, and taking care of our people. There is no Lean Six Sigma team or initiative – rather, every Ironformer relies on these principles to meet customer demands, solve problems in real time, and drive continuous improvement every day.

Our investment in Ironformers

We provide all employees with over 75 hours of training and continuing education in Lean tools, safety, and other essential topics, and partner with local vocational institutions to develop specialized skills in welding, forming, and computer numerical control (CNC). Our curricula are designed to restore manufacturing as a career.

Employee profiles


Joy Burton

Director of Quality

Started at Ironform: 2015

Location: Dublin, Virginia


About me

I’m very passionate about physical and emotional health. I like knowing where my food comes from, so my family and I enjoy growing, preserving, and cooking our own food. I also run and bike to stay physically fit, and that aids in my emotional health as well.


Why I love being an Ironformer

Ironform saw something in me that I didn’t see myself. I began here as a temp assigned to the quality department, and they groomed me for a career in quality. If you had asked me 10 years ago if I would end up in quality, my answer would have been no. Now, I’ve been entrusted with this department and I feel that it’s a good fit.


What I bring to Ironform

If a manufactured product is found to be out of tolerance or doesn’t meet the customer’s requirements, my team opens an investigation into why it happened, how we can fix it, and how we can prevent it from happening again. We also manage the quality management system and audit every facet of the facility. I bring strong organizational skills, a keen eye for details, and an upbeat attitude. When a coworker feels discouraged, I always try to be that person who says, Let’s take it one step at a time – we can do it!


Vignesh Balasubramanian

Director of Program Management

Started at Ironform: 2016

Location: Chehalis, Washington


About me

Our CEO calls me West Coast Viggy, but I personally introduce myself as the Notorious V.I.G. I’m an avid hiker and explorer, and you could call me an adrenaline junkie: I ride a motorcycle, I’ve jumped off the Stratosphere Hotel in Las Vegas, and last year I jumped 30 feet off a Montana bridge into a freezing river.


Why I love being an Ironformer

The company recognizes and appreciates the value, creativity, and contributions of everyone in the organization. They also promote strong work-life balance, professional development, and healthy relationships between teams. I love working for a company that’s constantly building and evolving, and that challenges me every day.


What I bring to Ironform

I act as a bridge between the customer and our organization, supervising and organizing projects and new product launch activities, and ensuring that project goals are met in a timely manner. I pride myself on being a pragmatic thinker who finds realistic solutions, and always working with a positive attitude. I live by the saying, Hard work pays off.


Angie Hendrix

Director of Human Resources

Started at Ironform: 2009

Location: Lebanon, Missouri


About me

I am a mother of three boys who play football, basketball, and baseball, so my hobbies are my kids and their sports. Between school ball and travel teams, we never get a night off!


Why I love being an Ironformer

We have great people here, at all levels of the organization. And there’s opportunity for growth: Ironform believes in promoting people from within, and I myself moved up within the company into this role. They also make everyone feel like a valued part of the team, through things like monthly employee appreciation lunches and service awards.


What I bring to Ironform

I oversee human resources at all of Ironform’s locations. In addition to 17 years of experience in human resources, as well as a master’s degree and certification in the field, I bring integrity, objectivity, impartiality, and a sympathetic attitude.


Kelsi Kennedy

Corporate Recruiter

Started at Ironform: 2018

Location: Dublin, Virginia


About me

I enjoy traveling and hanging out with my pitbull, who I rescued when he was about a year and a half old. His name is Ace, but he goes by Bubz (I only call him Ace when he’s in trouble).


Why I love being an Ironformer

First, I would say all the things Ironform does for its employees. For example, our local plant held a company picnic with bounce houses, live music, and dunk tanks (that the supervisors got in). I also like the way Ironform gives back to the community. Employees do a lot with the Women’s Resource Center here in Virginia, and the company really supports us.


What I bring to Ironform

I help all the plants with staff recruitment, and I’m also a backup for human resources here in Virginia, as well as working with training materials and social media. I love talking to people and getting to know them (which is important in recruitment), I’m very goal-oriented, and I’m always looking for new and interesting ways to boost employee morale.


Cameron Revert

Director of Engineering – Stamping and Launch

Started at Ironform: 2014

Location: Denton, Texas


About me

I enjoy fishing, vacationing in the Dominican Republic, and watching my three grandchildren, who I adore. I started taking the 4-year-old fishing last year – that was a hoot.

Why I love being an Ironformer

Ironform is a growing company with diverse opportunities for advancement and a good group of people in its portfolio. In the automotive sector, everything was very serious; here, we’re a little more laid-back. We get the job done, but we also like to joke around.

What I bring to Ironform

I work on new equipment, facilities, advanced product, and processes. I keep things running smoothly; if an issue comes up, they call me. Before working at Ironform, I was in the automotive sector for over 35 years, so I bring expertise in stamping, welding, program management, and launch activities.

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